December 30, 2009

Not without

Oh yes, it is true! My new camera arrived, and I am no less than happy with it. It was a just-in-time Christmas present for myself, and my family (extended) arrived on Christmas Eve to be confronted with me in full photography swing.

I don't know what standard photo I take. My mother says maybe we're just biased, that my photos are probably really bad but because we love the subjects, we think they're good.

Honestly...I can't say I disagree, though I do hope she is wrong. I wish confidence was sold over the counter, it would be at the top of next week's grocery list!

But back to my new camera...It's like I grew an arm back that was missing for a few days. Sorry dad.

The world today

We all know it, it's plastered all over magazines and media, in movies, in shops. Girls must be thin to be beautiful. Blondes have more fun.
This ideal is affecting girls younger and younger and it saddens me when I hear it from my very own niece.

"My sister is prettier than me, she has blonde hair."

I love my nieces, they are both stunning girls, with cheeky personalities and the brains to match. They are intelligent, kind, loving little girls and I pity the person who breaks either of their hearts.

December 21, 2009


I have no camera.
I have access to cameras. Yes, plural. But none are mine. They don't fit into my hands properly, and when I use them, it feels pointless, as I have to give the camera back. The photos I take with them don't feel like mine, not really.
But soon. Soon I will have another...later I will have my baby back too. At least, that is the plan.

What to do for Christmas though?

Tonight I missed a glorious sunset.

What if I have to miss Christmas as well?

Pray to the photography Gods that Olympus come through for me! commemorate...I shall post no photo.