December 30, 2009

Not without

Oh yes, it is true! My new camera arrived, and I am no less than happy with it. It was a just-in-time Christmas present for myself, and my family (extended) arrived on Christmas Eve to be confronted with me in full photography swing.

I don't know what standard photo I take. My mother says maybe we're just biased, that my photos are probably really bad but because we love the subjects, we think they're good.

Honestly...I can't say I disagree, though I do hope she is wrong. I wish confidence was sold over the counter, it would be at the top of next week's grocery list!

But back to my new camera...It's like I grew an arm back that was missing for a few days. Sorry dad.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you're alive and blogging!! I love your work and I'm not family, so there - you're good:) Vxx