March 22, 2010

the absence of old lines

Today is my birthday. I haven't thought much about it, not directly, because my friend got married on Saturday and I was her bridesmaid. While we discussed my birthday (as she and her now-husband met on my birthday weekend three years ago) we were so busy with wedding plans it didn't really occur to me that it had arrived.

I don't feel any older. Sometimes I do feel old though.

My six year old says 'You're not old mummy, you have no old lines' and I love her for that!

The perfect birthday present was hugs from my girls. Even if I had to tell them what day it was today.

I got a camping chair. My very own! It's not really a big deal, but when there is a barbecue, or a trip to my uncle's block, I can take my own chair instead of asking around. It's a very comfortable chair!

My girls also bought me a picture frame, though Ashlie was with me when it was bought by my mother on behalf of the girls (Georgia chose it)...and the cake! Oh the cake! I love sponge cake, jam and cream, and I love peanut m&ms. And the colour pink.

Yep, you've probably already guessed! Georgia picked the topping...

I picked the photo for the frame. I was 23 years old then, I think.


  1. Happy birthday Kelly! Glad you had a great day :)
    That is a great photo.

  2. Love it. Lovely to see you had a loving day. Noting beats that. Being a lover of the colour pink both Lilli and I love your cake.
    Happy Happy birthday! xx

  3. Happy birthday. The cake looks very special.