March 07, 2010

Do you believe in fairies?

I do, and I know that Olivia does! I am not sure about her little brother Jon, I think he was just there for the fun!
The photo shoot with these two gorgeous kids was the most challenging yet. They weren't naughty, far from it! Just naturally inquisitive and constantly moving. They had much better things to do than sit still for some strange woman with a camera!

Olivia was on the hunt for fairies in the forest, and Jon tagged along. We stopped occasionally when Olivia's ears almost visibly pricked and she whispered 'Shhh I heard a noise!'. She tried so hard to find fairies, in the end she got very sad.

Mum is gorgeous too though, and if the kids take after her, I hope she has a good plan to chase of suitors! Olivia's friends will giggle themselves silly over her gorgeous brother, and Jon's friends...boys will be boys...I reckon Olivia will have slapped a few before she's finished school!

I'll photograph these three anytime!!







1 comment:

  1. They are great pics Kelly
    You have a wonderful talent.
    I particularly like the one of Jon smiling and looking at something in the distance.
    Thanks for sharing.