January 25, 2010

Finding Nemo...oops, I mean me!

Although I am not unlike Nemo. A little fish, lost in the expanse of the ocean, and when thrown into a difficult situation he makes the best of it!

So in this big, wide world of photography, where do I fit in?


Right there. No, left a bit...a little further...back it up slightly...Ah yes, right there!!

I'm giving everything a try. I've shot landscape and portrait, by-the-book and forget-the-rules.

I have even  tried 'arty'. I think that is appropriate. Or creative? Creative photography? That's not a tautology, I am sure, because photography isn't always creative is it? Of course, I mean that I have taken regular photos from various shoots, and applied a range of different effects to them. Obvious in previous posts, I am sure, but this blog is dedicated to that fact.

Meh, what-ev, as someone says these days (in my day, we would say 'no worries!).

Creative arty-farty off-the-cuff photos by Me.


1 comment:

  1. Love all of your photos Kel, each and every one brightens my day - just so you know:)
    Thank You, Vanessa x