January 22, 2010

WhatEVER shall I do with myself?

I have one more month of being a non-student, since accepting the offer I received for the Masters degree.

Yesterday I took over 400 photos, almost like I am subconsciously compensating for the photos I won't be taking once I start studying again.
The outing wasn't entirely planned, but I am glad we went out yesterday instead of today - it is far too hot to be caught outside. Just hanging out the washing has been taxing enough.

My friend Katrina and I took my girls out and showed them where Katrina will be getting married in a little under 9 weeks time. We then realised it was a good opportunity to have a look at where she would like her photos taken!
Thankfully she has a professional photographer to iron out the wrinkles of our planning...as I am to be bridesmaid, I would find it difficult to do the photography!

So out on location in the heat yesterday and today hiding away in the cool house trying to get some part of the housework done. Do you know what I have realised? These slight stresses are NOTHING compared to what is to come!!

What have I done?!?!?!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kelly
    these are great pictures :)
    I live how your girls' complexions are so close in colour to the background nature.
    And the pink shirts just pop.