January 04, 2010

Flight or fright


Nasty, vindictive and evil with their black and orange stripes and giant stingers. They don't fool me with their innocent pollen-collecting ways!

Ooo yes, they are so small! How could anyone think they are horrible?

I do. I am scared of them. I avoid them. I hate their sound, their fuzzy little legs, and the trap of honey being oh-so-delicious and I eat it knowing where it comes from.

I couldn't watch Bee Movie. Yuck.

Here I am though, in the garden, camera out, taking photos of these strange little creatures, wishing they weren't such a fascinating subject to capture!

As long as I don't get stung...


  1. Oh Kel I LOVE bees!! I know you took these stunning images just for me:) Vxx (What settings did you use??

  2. I used my dad's telephoto lens for these so i didn't have to get too close :P
    i took them using 100ISO, F2.8-3.5. I haven't done any post-production editing on these ones...i didn't want to risk losing the little wing movement or the fuzzy bottoms