January 11, 2010

Peter Pan

I am sitting in my room, listening to Physik by Angie Sage, my fan on full.
Miss Georgia and Miss Ashlie have just finished watching Hook under the air conditioning in the loungeroom.

It didn't surprise me when Georgia came racing into my room to tell me that she jumped off the couch and flew around the room.

"For real, mum!!! FOR REAL!"

She didn't use fairy dust, just happy thoughts.

"That I love you mum!"

If one thing can be said for Peter Pan stories, it is that they remind children and grown ups alike the power of positive thinking.
Just last night, Georgia came into my room, sobbing and saying that she should be killed for all the naughty things she has done.

Not staying in bed.
Yelling at mummy.
Drawing on herself after being told not to.

I still find her thoughts disturbing, as many  people might understand. I've been told several times that she is an old soul, and old souls feel and think on much deeper levels than most people. But she has been like this all her life, and the counsellor I spoke to reassured me that this is her way of dealing with the world, and it is my job as her mother to explain the realities to her.

In this situation, apart from the fact that she shouldn't be killed at all, explaining that her misbehaviour isn't all that bad...and the difference between not staying in her bed and breaking into a shop and stealing things.... Everyone does something naughty every now and then.

But I digress.

Peter Pan, the symbol of an everlasting childhood. The pirates - grown ups can be bad too!

After telling Georgia I love her and her imagination (and being told once more that she was NOT imaginationing it), she ran off to play. Ashlie came in soon after and, trying not to wear the face of 'I'm not telling you the truth', assured me that Georgia really did fly around the room.

There aren't any broken bones or furniture, so for now I will let it go and remember this moment and how it made me smile.

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