January 29, 2010

It was my pleasure!

On Wednesday, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my friend's children.
Yes, the boys are twins and yes, the girls are triplets - and if your first thought is 'that mum deserves a medal!' I can tell you, she's still waiting for all these medals people tell her she deserves!

From taking these photos, some of the stuff I learnt at uni was confirmed - all children are different. Despite having the same parents & the same upbringing, these five beautiful children have different personalities. Bright and bubbly, shy and reserved, independent, caring and cheeky.

Mum and Dad have a tough job, not just with five kids but also dealing with the comments and stares of strangers, and when they're older, the children will have to deal with it too. But they'll have been taught well, and I credit Mum & Dad for doing a great job so far of raising them!

I do have to wonder though...if children are grandparents' revenge...Mum & Dad must have been shockers when they were little!! (But they've probably heard that before too!)

The shoot...has done nothing to ease my pangs of cluckiness. I remember shopping for little tiny dresses, tiny little shoes, the smell of (clean) nappies and the need for a bag filled with supplies to keep little ones occupied.

The children were delighted when this little duck came wandering over. They watched him as he waddled past, and there was only one brief moment of uncertainty from one of the girls. Soon however they couldn't restrain themselves and they were up chasing the duck, and each other, around in circles!

I wanted to get individual shots of each of the kids, which was difficult - more for the ones waiting. When Mum started playing peek-a-boo...well, you can see what happened!

I couldn't think of a better way to capture moments in their lives than naturally. We tried not to pose them too much, because they are too young to fully comprehend the instructions and would have become frustrated. However, I did get them to stand together, and this was perfect! 

The boys were too easy! 'Hey boys, come stand here! Excellent, now give us a smile!' They are starting school on Monday, so I received them with fresh haircuts and an air of anticipation. Big school boys now! 

This last photo, after much deliberation, I think (and still only think!!) is my favourite.


  1. Oh kelly, these are magnificent!! what beautiful children:)

  2. I had to decide which ones to put here...I might put the others on facebook, lol!

  3. Oh wow these are awesome :)
    And I know whose these kids are - so cute, and yes, their parents deserve a medal!