February 04, 2010

In the mail...

A package was delivered to my house this morning.
It was a small, thin box.
Ashlie and Georgia began a discussion as to what it might be - Georgia (with exasperation evident in her tone) suggested it was 'another Harry Potter thing'.

She thought so because for 2 years, every month, I took receipt of pieces for the Harry Potter Chess Set subscription.

As I pulled the contents from the box, Ashlie watched with eager eyes.
She decided it wouldn't be part of the Harry Potter set (wrong shape) but instead thought it was a special edition of one of the movies, as it looked like another I already have...she was close...


In just over a week, I will be partaking in a Stargate Universe half-season marathon (10 episodes) and this new DVD will be opened on the night. 
I'm happy!

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  1. The marathon happened a week early...10 eps in one night...NOT a good idea, but loved every minute!