February 19, 2010


I haven't been blogging, I haven't been taking photos. Actually...I have been taking photos, just not many, and the ones I have taken I won't be blogging about until the subject has seen them & gives permission.

Sooooo I am just going to blah blah blah blog for now.

I don't have much on my mind. But at the same time, I can't think straight. I am upset because I just had to borrow over $1600 from my mum to get my car fixed. My only other option was to risk more damage by driving it for another 2 months while I saved up.
The only problem with having a 'good' engine is replacing the 'good' parts. Damn you Tickford!! (Just imagine me shaking my fist in the air...I remind myself of Dr Claw...except I hope there is no next time for Gadgets!)

On a positive note, I had my hair cut and coloured on Wednesday. I now have 'normal' hair. Nice milk chocolate brown with honeycomb highlights. I told the hairdresser that it is surprisingly nice, in a boring kind of way. Usually when I get my hair done, I go almost black, with bright highlights or blonde so I can put a pink temp in. However I promised my bride-to-be friend that I would be a regular person until after the wedding! Besides, fluro pink hair would have clashed terribly with the bridesmaid dress!!

Another positive thing...I found out that I only have to wait until November the 1st for the next installment of The Ranger's Apprentice which is terribly exciting for me! Because I have such an interesting life.....

Oh yes, I must update you all on the swimming! Ashlie is now a confident swimmer and attends squad training twice a week. Today at school, they did swimming for sport, and Ashlie swam 50 metres - Butterfly. A stroke she only learnt on Thursday. We're going to keep it up all season, and through Winter if we can, because she wants to win a race at the next swimming carnival. She came equal 4th or 5th at the carnival on Tuesday, in her heat, which I thought was pretty fabulous, as she was up against the two who beat her at school, plus the other school's fastest as well.

As for my Georgia, she did her homework today with little help from me, and when asked to finish the sentence 'When I get home from school I like to...' she wrote 'woch a moovie' with no help at all. She sounded it all out, and used visual recollection. Anyone in the education field will know that this attempt is one of the steps towards learning to spell. I'll leave it up to her teacher (who happens to be her grandmother) to point her in the right direction from here!

But that is all the blah blah blah blogging I can do for now. It's almost midnight, and I've got a pool party to go to tomorrow morning!


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