February 07, 2010


I am getting a little excited and nervous now, because in just a few weeks my good friend Katrina is getting married! It doesn't help my nerves any that I am her bridesmaid...

As far as I know, everything is under control. Up to now, Katrina has remained cool, calm and collected, though it was a close call trying to fit my dress...The very talented Mother of the Bride made the bridesmaid dresses and I have an odd shape.

We're now down to nitty-gritty details such as the colour of the make-up and whether to all wear the same or wear similar colours that suit us best. My recent task was to try out the eye shadow we bought.

I don't really like photos of myself, and I go through a lot of pics trying to make a decent one for my face book profile! This pic is of me adorned in the make-up I will most likely be wearing on the day.

No idea why I am blogging about it. I think I just wanted another excuse to examine the picture and decide if the colours are okay!

The details:
Light eye shadow over entire eye. Darker brown over ball. Wet brush, paint on line of sage-green above eyelashes like eyeliner, same with under the eye.

The blush is just a light pink-brown (my skin tone dictates this colour, whereas Katrina will wear a pinker blush to suit her tones).

The lipstick again is a browner shade of pink. Whatever.

Our hair will be worn out, and straightened (properly, not as shown!) and pulled back on one side with a fancy clip. But that's all the details you're getting. You'll have to wait for the wedding photos to come back for the rest!

p.s. I haven't forgotten the groom! Joel is great, and I am sure just as nervous and excited as the rest of us!

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