February 22, 2010

Life is what you make it!

Or is it?

*cue dramatic music*

Whoever said 'Life is what you make it' (before Miley Cyrus, that is) must have had a boring life.

'Mum, I'm so bored!'

'So go do something!'

How can we make life if we are constantly thrown curve balls? Ah, a baseball term. Unfortunately I can't think of the Aussie equivalent without mentioning sauce bottles.
Yeah, we can make the most of what we have, but we can't be held wholely responsible for the way our lives turn out!

For a start...we are raised by someone (or not) who essentially control the first few years of our lives (or not). Our personalities develop, yes, but they are shaped by those around us. Of course, if we consider that not everyone is born the same, some people with disabilities, some into families with stereotypes attached....then we all start off on unequal footing.

Then there is the word 'no'. Don't you just hate that word? But hating it doesn't stop anyone using it!

How can life be what we make it when others tell us 'no'?

No, you cannot study the Masters full time. I'm afraid you'll have to study it part time over 3 years like everyone else.

Um, I don't have another 3 years. I need to become qualified as soon as possible. My kids need a home, they need space, I need space!!! For that, I need money, and to get money I need a job. Alas, I don't feel like...and there is no other word I want to use right now...'fart-arsing' around for another 3 years trying to concentrate on TWO subjects per semester. It may seem strange, but that is not enough pressure for me. I work better with deadlines, when I KNOW that something has to be done by a certain time. This means that I have withdrawn from the Masters degree and I am now hitting the job seek websites and applying for whatever I think I could do with my Educational Studies degree. Not to mention furthering my qualifications through on-the-job training and also photography positions that are close by.

I do not believe for one minute that Life Is What We Make It.
Life is what society makes it. What our parents/carers make it. Our governments. Our peers. Our children. Then we do the best we can with what they have made it because it is all we can do.

Of course, that doesn't mean we can't still make it rock!!!

On a positive note...it is another decision that I made on my own. Something I am learning to do at last.

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