February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Here is me, here is the bandwagon.

My family have never really set much store in V Day. Mum and Dad are content with buying gifts on birthdays and Christmas, and love each other all year round.

It makes sense not to celebrate Valentine's Day. At least it makes sense to me. I've posted this elsewhere, but I'll post it here too.

If you love someone, show them everyday!

Love doesn't have to be store bought gifts, whether cheap or expensive.
It may be a touch, a kiss, a look, a gesture.

My V Day was spent outside, taking photos of two adorable boys and their mother (single, like me). If anything, V Day should be about showing love to everyone, not just one special person.
Maybe I am a little bitter. I don't have any memorable Valentine's Days. I hate being single when all of the lovey-dovey pink and red hearts are being thrown in my face.

I did get one happy Valentine's Day message though, from a fellow singleton. That is, we wished each other Happy V Day after both complaining about our handfuls of nothing...

Love is a feeling, an emotion and a way of life. It is not a commercial product that should be bought or sold at any price.

Happy Valentine's Day, my precious hearts!

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