February 22, 2010

The boys!

Mum has watched her babies grow, like any other mother. Her blonde-haired baby who almost overnight turned into a brown-haired little man, and her big boy, bringing his girlfriend over for a play. They do have puppies though. I wanted to stay if only to play with the puppies!

This is another photo shoot that I really enjoyed! Watching their moments together, their interactions as a family, brought joy to my heart, and I thought of my girls and the fighting and giggling and of course, the pushing.

I didn't get the typical sit-pose-smile-shoot photos that I imagined I would, but what I captured was the essence of brotherhood. Closeness, distance, curiosity.

Mum is in there too, but I'll keep those between her and I...just in case she doesn't want photos of herself posted ;)




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  1. These photo's are simply stunning - great job!!