February 04, 2010


What inspires you?

For me, inspiration comes in many forms.
For instance, reading my friend Carly's blog often gets me thinking about different things. She's one of those people who does things with her life...even if to her they seem completely mundane, they are so different to my life I can find myself wondering what I would be like in her place...like me dancing...? Hmm...
Tonight I started writing a poem/lyrics because I liked the flow and the sound of something she had written - and it was only two words!

I have also been inspired to write recently by an event that has taken place in the personal life of a friend. Darkness, despair...all that happy stuff.

Other times, I am inspired to take photos. There are two people who really inspire me to keep going with my photography. There is Peter Charlesworth, whose photos reignited my desire to pick up the camera when I first came across him on myspace many moons ago, and Vanessa, who continues to post her own & others beautiful photography that makes me never want to miss a moment!

I have never thought of one particular person or object as being a muse though. Yet I've always found the idea of a muse really romantic. When it comes down to it, I have decided that the world is my muse. Everyday something beautiful or sad or depressing or exciting happens, and  the emotions that it stirs want to burst from me through my camera or my words.

I remember in highschool I began to write a novel that was inspired by a song I loved, called Jimi Thing by the Dave Mathews Band. Unfortunately when my life changed dramatically, I felt it should be out with the old, so the new had room. This meant my novel of 131 pages ended up being thrown away. THAT my friends, is my greatest regret.

Credit must go to Carly for teaching me how to link to other places too...if you hadn't noticed, I've done that a little in this blog...

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  1. Wow, thanks for mentioning me. Glad I have inspired you. :)
    You will have to show me your poem.
    I recall you were a great writer at school.